"War Games: Act 1, Part 5 of 8: Alamo High": The gang war escalates quickly in Gotham City and many schools have been forced to close, except for the Louis Grieve High School, in Alamo. Darla Aquista is being taken to that school by her dri

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Robin (Volume 2) #129 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2004. It was published on August 18, 2004.

Synopsis for "War Games: Act 1, Part 5 of 8: Alamo High"

The gang war escalates quickly in Gotham City and many schools have been forced to close, except for the Louis Grieve High School, in Alamo. Darla Aquista is being taken to that school by her drivers/bodyguards as she has a math test to give. The limousine they're traveling in, is being followed by a heavy duty car which belongs to the Odessa Mob. Darla asks her drivers about the gang war in Gotham and they can't openly explain the situation to her, but they assure her that she is safe and that they won't let anything happen to her. When they turn around a corner to get to the school, the Odessa vehicle impacts the limousine and many thugs come out of the car, armed with guns and ready to shoot. They take Darla from the backseat of the limousine and try to kidnap her while her bodyguards start a shooting againts the thugs.

It was almost time for classes to begin and many students are nearby the scene. Tim Drake is among them and notices something wrong. When he realizes that Darla is being taken by the Odessa Mob, he decides that he can't be a "normal civilian" anymore and gets in the middle of the fire, taking out as many thugs as he can. Darla's bodyguards are both killed in the shooting, much to Darla's sorrow. Tim takes Darla out of the danger zone and tells a couple of students to take Darla to the school and stay inside. However, in few seconds, they are attacked again by some shooters coming from the other end of the street. Tim realizes that this time is The Ventriloquist and Scarface's gang after Darla. They shoot one of the students and Tim prompts his friend Tyrone to get Darla to school as soon as he can. Tim gets closer to Scarface and distracts them from their main target. One of Scarface's thugs report that they have spotted Darla going to the school and they start driving towards the school. Tim makes sure that the student who was shot is safe and after telling the witnesses to call an ambulance, Tim goes behind Scarface.

Tyrone gets to the school with Darla and starts telling all the other students roaming on the outside of the school to get inside as fast as they can. Scarface's car is getting closer to the school and is ready to drive Darla and Tyrone over, but Tim drives another car into theirs, stopping them just in time to save Darla and Tyrone. Tim pushes his friends inside the school and he stays out to deal with the situation. Scarface's car is wrecked and the puppet comes out through a window. Tim takes the puppet and smashes it against The Ventriloquist's head, who was trying to get out of the wreck as well. Tim uses the puppet to force the gang to come out of the car, unarmed and obeying everything he tells them.

At that moment, the news about the shooting at the High School has been spread over the entire city. The editor of the WBGK tells Arturo Rodriguez to get there as soon as possible and start a live report from the scene.

Meanwhile, Henry Aquista discusses the future of the Five Families when they are notified about the many attacks on their relatives and Henry also learns that his daughter Darla has been targeted and is in danger. Henry Aquista won't stay put and he demands action against his enemies.

At the high school, Tim questions Ventriloquist about this sudden hit and the old man explains that every gang in Gotham is after each other and all they wanted was to get a leverage by taking Darla before anyone else could. Tim feels confident because a couple of cars from the Gotham City Police Department have arrived and he throws the Scarface puppet away, defiantly. However, at that precise moment, another car full of thugs from the Odessa mob arrive and shoot down most of the police officers, killing them at once. Only one officer is left and he desperately calls for backup. Tim realizes that the situation is far too dangerous for him to tackle alone and he decides to get inside the high school.

A few minutes later, more police officers and the fire department arrive and set a perimeter around the high school to prevent more attacks from the outside. However, in the time it took for them to arrive, some of the thugs from the various gangs managed to get inside the building.

Tim joins with Darla and Tyrone in one of the halls of the building. Darla is completely scared and she tells Tim that she is not going to be separated from him until the situation is over. At that precise moment, someone shoots Darla from behind, in the right shoulder, causing her to faint and start losing blood. Tim desperately tries to give Darla cardiopulmonary resuscitation, knowing that it could take hours before help comes to them; while Tyrone stands there, scared and not knowing what's happening or what should he do.

Appearing in "War Games: Act 1, Part 5 of 8: Alamo High"

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Other Characters:

  • Gotham City Police Department
    • Lt. Martin (First appearance)
  • Jimmy (student)
  • Milo (bodyguard; killed)
  • Mr. Pierce (newspaper editor)
  • Tony (bodyguard; killed)
  • Tyrone (student)





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