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"War Games: Act 2, Part 5 of 8: The Only Light in Gotham":

Black Mask defeats Spoiler

Spoiler comes face to face with Black Mask just after he murdered [[Gavin King (New Earth)|Or

Quote1.png Now you're hurt. Maybe even hurt bad. Disoriented. Helpless. Which means I win. But mostly it means you were beat up by a "little girl." Oh, how it must suck to be you. Quote2.png

Robin (Volume 2) #130 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 2004. It was published on September 22, 2004.

Synopsis for "War Games: Act 2, Part 5 of 8: The Only Light in Gotham"

Black Mask defeats Spoiler

Spoiler comes face to face with Black Mask just after he murdered Orpheus in her presence. Black Mask wants to know about the plan that Spoiler was talking about and tries to snatch her purse. After a brief struggle, Black Mask manages to take if from her and starts looking for something valuable in it. Spoiler managed to grab a small detonator and activates it, causing the purse and its contents to blow up in a small explosion; the same that reaches Black Mask's face, hurting him and causing him to lose balance and orientation. Spoiler takes the opportunity and attacks Black Mask with all her energy and starts questioning him about his involvement in the gang war. Black Mask is seemingly unable to fight, but he surprises Spoiler by attacking her with a sharp piece of glass and stabbing it on her right shoulder. Spoiler falls down and Black Mask beats her to a pulp. Spoiler tries to stand her ground and fight, but in the end Black Mask grabs her from the neck and chokes her until she falls unconscious, after which, Black Mask decides to keep her alive as she might still be useful for him.

In the meantime, Robin has stopped some street thugs and taken all the weapons from them, giving them word of advice to leave the streets and stay home for the remaining of the gang war. On his way to deliver the illegal weapons, Robin contacts Oracle and asks her if there is any other place that might require him, but she tells him that things are quiet at the moment. Robin then asks Oracle to connect him with his father to tell him the truth about the current situation. Robin calls Jack Drake and arranges a meeting on the rooftop of their home.

Black Mask has taken Spoiler to his hideout, taken her mask off and tied her with chains to a wall. He has also prepared a series of torture tools in order to get all the information he can from her.

When Jack goes to the rooftop, he discovers that Tim has returned to being Robin, but Tim explains that the current situation needs him and that if he returned, it was because the values that his father passed on to him. Jack finally agrees and tries to convince Tim to take him on his missions, but Tim has a better idea and gives Jack an address where they would meet later. Tim asks his father to take Dana with him as well.

Stephanie recovers consciousness again after passing out several times already and Black Mask tries to keep her awake this time so she can speak the truth he wants to hear. However, after being punished beyond her limits, Stephanie resists and keeps a defiant attitude against him.

Jack Drake and Dana arrive at the East End Clinic, where they meet with Tim, who was waiting for them. Tim takes them inside the Clinic and introduces them to Leslie Thompkins, the head doctor of the clinic. Jack and Dana offer all the help they can on the dire situation the city is right now and Tim is forced to leave because of his other obligations.

Some hours later, Black Mask has tortured Stephanie to the limits of human endurance and she can't stand the pain any longer. Black Mask mocks her for being part of the Bat-group as she is weak and unworthy of it. He also makes hurtful remarks about her actual role in the vigilante group. Stephanie can't stand any more and she gives up holding information from him. Black Mask then ask who was the undercover man working for Batman on the gangs and Stephanie reveals that it was Orpheus and that the whole plan is destroyed now that he was murdered by Black Mask. However, Black Mask has something in mind that would make Orpheus still useful for him.

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