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Quote1 Someone made this personal. It should be up to me to clear this up. Besides, I don't want this situation to somehow lead to you and Dick being compromised. Listen, this whole last year was supposedly about us building trust, you, me and Dick. You taught me how to handle stuff like this. Now you need to let me handle it. Please. You've been accused of murder before. Can you imagine someone else cleaning up your mess for you? Quote2

Robin (Volume 2) #148 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 2006. It was published on March 22, 2006.

Appearing in "Robin: Boy Wanted, Part One: Out Go the Lights"

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Synopsis for "Robin: Boy Wanted, Part One: Out Go the Lights"

Robin believes Batgirl is dead

Robin believes Batgirl is dead
One Year Later, Robin is fighting an unknown assailant. Despite being blinded by floodlights he believes he has taken down his target with his R's, but when his eyes clear he sees what appears to be Batgirl, dead. A quick check proves that beneath the mask is Lynx, and that she has been dead for about three hours. Unfortunately cops from the Gotham City Police Department catch him, and though he escapes Robin soon finds that he is a wanted man. Not knowing about Robin's innocence, Oracle transmits that Batgirl is dead. Meanwhile, in North Africa, Nyssa Raatko concludes a business meeting only for her car to explode, killing her.

Back in Gotham both Alfred Pennyworth and Batman offer to assist Robin, but Robin refuses. He reveals that while he was traveling with Batman in Budapest he received a note addressed to his secret identity, Tim Drake. The note said Batgirl was in trouble, and that Robin had to come alone or she would be killed. Robin had been attempting to track down Batgirl when he had been ambushed in the alley. Not wanting to compromise Batman's secret identity, and feeling the note has made this personal, Robin insists on solving this case on his own. Unbeknownst to him his conversation with Batman is observed by Cassandra Cain.

Robin realizes that Lynx was only wearing a facsimile of Batgirl's costume, and that the fake might contain clues to the real killer's identity, but now the fake costume and the body are in the possession of the GCPD. As the GCPD calls in SWAT teams to hunt Robin down, he begins his infiltration of GCPD Precinct 9.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Robin: Wanted collected edition.


  • Robin mentions that Nightwing is also currently suspected of murder. This is a reference to the events of Brothers in Blood where Jason Todd uses Nightwing's costume to murder criminals.[1] He also mentions Bruce Wayne having been accused of murder, which happened in the Fugitive storyline.[2]

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