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"Cataclysm, Part Seven: Tribunal": King Snake witnesses as Robin kills Lady Shiva with his bare hands when he is under the influence of the aramilla drug that [[Dava Sborsc (New

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Robin (Volume 2) #52 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 1998.

Synopsis for "Cataclysm, Part Seven: Tribunal"

King Snake witnesses as Robin kills Lady Shiva with his bare hands when he is under the influence of the aramilla drug that Dava gave him. King Snake threatens Robin and Dava with killing them with the army that is just behind him. Robin is worried about Lady Shiva and tells Dava to distract the military men and King Snake while he tries to resuscitate Lady Shiva. Robin performs CPR on Shiva while Dava does her best against Snake and his army.

At that moment just outside the shack, General Tvorakovich dies in an explosion that wasn't meant for him.

Robin gives up trying to bring Shiva back, but suddenly Shiva wakes up with renewed energy and completely ready for action. Robin realizes that his CPR didn't work but it was the aramilla that was passed to Shiva through his lips that brought her back. Shiva is now under the influence of aramilla and she starts a killing spree among King Snake's men. Dava is shot in the head but it is a superficial wound. Robin takes her out of the shack leaving Shiva and Snake in a duel to death. Robin and Dava are near the forest when they are spotted by Dava's army. They take her with them leaving Robin much more troubled than he was before but he is clear on what he needs to do.

Tim takes a plane to Gotham City and calls his father on his way home. Tim decides that it is time to let his father know all about Robin and his double life he is living. Just before arriving at Gotham's airport, the captain announces that the flight will be detoured and instead they will land in Bludhaven. Tim is curious to know why the sudden change and the answer comes to him as soon as he looks of the window of the plane: Gotham is completely destroyed and burning in flames.

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Batman: Cataclysm Crossover
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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.