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"War Beneath the Streets!, Part Two: Wolflings": Crystal Brown confronts her daughter Stephanie about the costume she found while arranging her clothes. Ms. Brown was worried that Stephanie is following in her [[Arthur Brown (New Eart

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Robin (Volume 2) #69 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1999.

Synopsis for "War Beneath the Streets!, Part Two: Wolflings"

Crystal Brown confronts her daughter Stephanie about the costume she found while arranging her clothes. Ms. Brown was worried that Stephanie is following in her father's footsteps but Stephanie assured her that The Spoiler was one of the good guys. Steph told her mom about Spoiler and acknowledged that someone helped her a little bit, tacitly referring to Robin.

At that moment, Robin was in Gotham's sewers facing The Ratcatcher and an army of rats that had him surrounded. Robin tried to escape but there were too many rats and they caught up with the boy wonder and started to climb on him. When Robin was covered under a pile of rats he used a secret mechanism of his costume that generated a hundred thousand volt jolt and killed all the rats on top of him. Robin seized the chance to ran away from the place but Ratcatcher was even more determined to catch Robin for killing his pets and he sent the rest of the rats to follow Robin. The boy wonder dived in the sewer's running waters and the rats stopped their chase. Ratcatcher sent one rat to follow Robin and learn where was he going.

At Stephanie's place, she and her mother were chatting about Spoiler's feats and how she managed to keep the city clean from Cluemaster's schemes. However, Steph believed everything was going fine when suddenly her mother told her that she was forbidden to go out in the Spoiler costume ever again.

Elsewhere in the sewers of Gotham City, Gearhead and Tommy Mangles were still lost and checked on a map to know where to go next. After they left the place, Robin emerged from the water and walked right where the criminals were a few moments ago. Robin was feeling sick and was tired. He took some pills and medicines in hope that the rat's bites and the polluted water would not affect him. Robin was too tired and he fell asleep and after a few minutes someone grabbed him and carried him away from the place.

Robin was being tended in a bed and he saw his father; Dana and Mrs. McIlvaine all inside his bedroom. He was still in his Robin costume and his father told him not to worry, as everybody knew his secret already. Mr. Drake then uncovered Tim and showed that his son was in underwear.

Robin woke up surrounded by people that were tending him but he was not in his bedroom, but instead he was still in the subway tunnels. The people around him were all kids and teenagers that were left behind in Gotham. They told him how they managed to survive and Robin recognized one of them as a student at his old high school. They knew that he was Batman's helper and decided to help Robin as best as they could. They formed a tribe-like society called the Wolflings.

The Ratcatcher was waiting for her rat to return and when the rat appeared, the madman told his pet to lead them to the place Robin was and he carried with him all the rats in the sewers.

The Wolflings asked Robin about his business in the sewers and he told them that he was doing something that Batman asked of him. The Wolflings were eager to help Batman and Robin, but the latter told them to stay out of it. However in his weakened state, Robin leaned back to his bed and one of the girls placed some ice in his head to lower the fever. Robin then asked them how did they managed to get ice in Gotham...

Tommy Mangles and Gearhead were still lost and gave up hope of finding their way back to the storage room. They kept walking and suddenly they found blocks of ice floating in the sewer's waters. Gearhead didn't like the ice and he asked Tommy to head back. Mangles wouldn't listen and then out of nowhere a voice speaked to them and before they realized who was it, they were frozen in a block of ice. They reached Mr. Freeze's hideout and he didn't like it.

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