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"War Beneath the Streets!, Part Three: The Survivors": Mister Freeze captures Tommy Mangles and Gearhead when they are wandering lost in Gotham sewers. Freeze asks Gearhead to tell him

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Robin (Volume 2) #70 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1999. It was published on September 22, 1999.

Synopsis for "War Beneath the Streets!, Part Three: The Survivors"

Mister Freeze captures Tommy Mangles and Gearhead when they are wandering lost in Gotham sewers. Freeze asks Gearhead to tell him anything useful and Gearhead tells him about the storage room with canned food and other products. Freeze ices Gearhead with his gun and then he goes looking for the storage room.

Robin is under The Wolflings' care in the subway station near the sewers and he is still feeling sick. The group's leader tells Robin to stay put while they go seeking the storage room Robin told them about. Robin tries to stop them from going but he is really sick and he leans back in the bed and falls asleep almost immediately, but before falling asleep, he wonders where the kids got the ice from.

The Ratcatcher is looking for Robin when he comes across Mr. Freeze. The two villains greet each other and Freeze asks him about the storage room but Flannegan denies the existence of it. Freeze knows Ratcatcher is lying and he kills one of the rats around their master to force Ratcatcher to speak the truth. Ratcatcher tells him about the storage room and he guides Freeze to it.

Robin wakes up from a nightmare in which Batman was disappointed at Robin's performance and he was forced out of the Bat-Family. He is feeling a little better and he decides to go and prevent the wolflings from facing Ratcatcher.

The wolflings find the storage room and all the food inside. A few moments later, Mr. Freeze and Ratcatcher arrive and scare all of the kids except for the group's leader who stays and faces the two villains. Robin is almost at the storage room when he finds the group of scared teens running away in fear from the two villains. One of them drops a bow and arrows made by them. Robin takes it and goes to the storage room, where Freeze is about to attack the leader of the wolflings. Robin uses the bow and strikes Mr. Freeze in the power source that keeps his Cryo-Suit working. Robin tries to repeat the feat but the cryo-suit is much more hard to crack than the power source and the arrows don't work at all. The leader of the wolflings takes the opportunity to attack Ratcatcher and buries him under a pile of canned food and boxes containing other supplies. Robin dodges Mr. Freeze's attacks then he opens some pipelines to drop water on top of Freeze. Freeze falls to the ground and the water freezes on his back and attaches to the ground. Robin warns Freeze not to move because the effort would break the suit. Ratcatcher and Freeze are incapacitated and Robin use a radio to tip the Gotham City Police Department about the criminals as well as Batman about the food source.

Mackenzie Bock arrives at the scene and places the two criminals under police custody. The GCPD also finds Tommy Mangles and Gearhead frozen inside blocks of ice in a different tunnel and they take them as well.

Batman and Batgirl look how the criminals are being taken away and Batman is surprised that Robin managed to take all those villains by himself. Batman tells Robin to head home and get some rest, but the boy wonder is already sleeping nearby his mentor. Robin is exhausted and Batman tells Batgirl to stay and make sure that the criminals are placed in jail while he takes Robin and carries him away from the scene to tend his wounds and give him some deserved rest.

Appearing in "War Beneath the Streets!, Part Three: The Survivors"

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