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"The Lizard King": Killer Croc has gathered his gang and is preparing their next attack on Penguin's territory in order to start taking over the whole city.

Quote1.png I used to run this town 'til the cops and Black Mask and Bane hounded me to the sewers. And I blame nobody but myself! But I'm Killer Croc, damn it, and I'm back for what's mine! Mine! Quote2.png
Killer Croc

Robin (Volume 2) #71 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1999.

Synopsis for "The Lizard King"

Killer Croc has gathered his gang and is preparing their next attack on Penguin's territory in order to start taking over the whole city.

Meanwhile, in the provisional Batcave in the sewers, Alfred is taking care of Tim Drake, who has just recovered from his previous mission. Tim contacts Dick Grayson who is also recovering from his wounds from his last mission under Barbara Gordon's care. Tim then receives a message from Stephanie Brown telling him that her mother found out about Spoiler and that she is grounded and isn't allowed to go out as Spoiler anymore. She assures him that his secret wasn't revealed. Tim is anxious because it has been two weeks since he disappeared from home and he knows that he must talk to his father to explain himself. In Keystone City, Jack Drake is indeed worried for his son and after talking with Dana, they agree that they must be tougher with Tim, when he gets back.

Alfred and Tim feel some disturbance on the streets above them and Tim goes to check it out as Robin. Killer Croc is advancing with an army at his command towards Penguin's territory and they are passing through the streets above their secret place. Robin knows that he is still weak and can't take on Croc and his gang and when he is about to leave, some of Croc's henchmen find him and attack him. Robin fights them as well as he can but one of them manages to knock the teen wonder out. Alfred is in contact with him by radio and he knows something is wrong when Robin doesn't answer him.

A boy arrives at Blue Boys' territory with a message from Penguin for Commissioner Gordon. The kid tells the cops that Penguin is asking for some help against the incoming attack from Killer Croc. Harvey Bullock; Renee Montoya and a few more cops go to aid Penguin. They are armed and ready to attack at the first sight of Croc and his gang, but their plans go awry when they notice that Croc is using Robin as a human shield on the truck he is driving.

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  • Despite the established reading order, the events of this issue take place at the same time as the events in Nightwing #38. Barbara and Dick are in a similar situation as in said issue.
  • Robin was not fully recovered from his grueling experience in Robin #70 until this issue. However, he has been featured in many comics in between.
  • There is a billboard that reads Baby Doll - The Musical. This is probably a reference to the DC Animated Universe character Baby Doll; who was closely related to Killer Croc in the episode Love is a Croc.

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