"Fired!": Scarab attacks Batman and Robin, causing them to almost fall off the building they're in. Robin manages to get back in the building and Batman climbs up as well. Scarab comes from the shadows and ki

Quote1 You remember the conditions of our agreement. You disobeyed a direct order in the field. No excuses. That was also part of our deal. You're fired. Take the rest of the afternoon to gather your things and retrieve your personal files out of the computer. Take everything now, because you won't be back. The codes will be changed as soon as you leave. I gave you a fair shot. You didn't measure up, but there's no shame in that. And Stephanie? Let this be the end to all of it. From now on, I don't expect to see Spoiler out there either. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Fired!"

Scarab attacks Batman and Robin, causing them to almost fall off the building they're in. Robin manages to get back in the building and Batman climbs up as well. Scarab comes from the shadows and kicks Batman out again and starts attacking Robin, who struggles to free herself from the assassin's grip. Scarab shakes Robin until the girl wonder has no fight left in her and Scarab gets out of the place.

Meanwhile, Batgirl tells Tim that she has been sent to protect him from the assassin that has been targetting young men with similar characteristics to him.

Batman and Robin head back to the Batcave where they tend their wounds and start planning how to relocate Scarab. Stephanie reveals that while she was struggling with her, she placed a tracker on Scarab's battle suit that would help them locate the assassin. Batman takes Robin to the Batplane and they follow the signal from the tracker.

They arrive at the place where Scarab is hiding and Batman gears in a special robotic batsuit to fight Scarab. While Batman descends to the place, he tells Robin to stay in the batplane and follow his command.

Batman gets inside Scarab's place and the assassin also gears up in her battle suit and they start fighting. Batman keeps updating Robin with the events of the battle and everything seems going bad for Batman after Scarab broke the batsuit armor on the leg, causing Batman to bleed and also she used phosphorus blast that left Batman blind. Robin couldn't stand listening to the updates and she decided to go down and help Batman, despite his orders of staying on the plane. Robin reaches the fight and she notices that Batman is breaking Scarab's battle armor, but freeing her from his grip in the process. Scarab then tries to run away and Robin starts following her. Batman warns Robin, but she doesn't listen and ends up captured as a hostage of Scarab. The assassin demands that she is allowed to escape or otherwise she would kill Robin and Batman has no option but to let her go on the batplane with Robin as hostage.

Some time later, Alfred recovered the batplane far away from Gotham and also rescued Robin, who was tied near the plane, but unharmed. Bruce was still blind and had to wait three weeks to recover his sight. When he finally was able to see again, he called Robin back to the cave. Robin was excited to get back in action, but Batman explained her that they had a deal that she broke when she disobeyed a direct order while they were on a dangerous mission. Batman fires Stephanie from the role of Robin and tells her to pick her things and leave the batcave. He also warns her that he doesn't want to see her out as Spoiler and that her crimefighting days are over.


  • This book was first published on July 21, 2004.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman: War Drums.
  • Stephanie Brown is dismissed from the position of Robin, and resumes the identity of Spoiler by her next appearance.


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