"Situations and Comedies": Tim, Ari, Ives and Callie attend to a Shakespeare play entitled Macbeth on the beach, at Gotham Park, to get some extra credits for their eng

Quote1 Thought you'd slip away without me catching you, huh? Thought I wouldn't remember where I'd seen you before? Like I wouldn't recognize you by your little outfit. Quote2
-- Helena Bertinelli

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Synopsis for "Situations and Comedies"

Tim, Ari, Ives and Callie attend to a Shakespeare play entitled Macbeth on the beach, at Gotham Park, to get some extra credits for their english class. The play is completele dull and Tim spots two young men fighting over the trees in the dark. He slips away from his friends, who were arguing about the play, and stopped the fight. The aggressor drew a gun but Tim disarmed him and told the guy to go away. Tim dropped the gun into a trash can and suddenly Helena Bertinelli appeared to warn Tim about being wandering too close to her students.

Tim knew that the encounter could have ended up in Helena discovering Tim's secret identity. He tried to sneak back to his friends but he caught a glimpse of a car with three men inside armed with heavy weapons and with masks. Tim deduced that they were waiting for the play to finish to mug all the people. Tim started looking for a payphone to dial nine-one-one but he came across with his friends, who stopped Tim for a little while. Tim then knew that it was already too late to call the police so he went to the Redbird and took his Robin suit.

Robin saw the three thugs getting out of the car and jumped onto them. The thugs started shooting at him and they caught everyone's attention. Robin used some batarangs to disarm two of them. The crowd then started to beat the two unharmed thugs. The third thug went to hide to a nearby mobile restroom. Robin knocked the cabin and the thug came out of it. He tried to escape at plain sight and Robin couldn't risk to be seen by Helena Bertinelli because she might guess his secret identity, or Ariana might do the same. Luckyly Helena appeared and knocked the thug without the need to dress up as Huntress. Tim changed his clothes back and decided that it was time for him and his friends to leave the place.

When they were leaving Helena called Tim and told him that she knew who he waa and that his outfit let her know all she needed. Tim thought that she was talking about his Robin persona but then she told Tim that she recognized him because of his school jacket as the boy behing the trees at the beginning of the story. Tim was relieved and Ariana was jealous and curious of knowing how Tim knew a woman that beautiful.


  • Group Editor Dennis O'Neil wrote one of his mini-essays From the Den in letter column; in which he explained that for at least a year, from that point on, there would be no crossovers between the Batman titles and that the stories will start, develop and end in the same title, under public request. He also showed the icon that would be used in the covers to let the readers know how many parts there were in the story.


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