"Last Stand on Grand Ave": Killer Croc and his gang were ready to attack Penguin's territory and was using Robin as a human shield/hostage to prevent Penguin's men and the [[Gotham City Police Department]

Quote1 when you get out of there and you're back home there will be hell to pay, Tim. There will be some permanent and drastic changes here. Quote2
-- Jack Drake

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Synopsis for "Last Stand on Grand Ave"

Killer Croc and his gang were ready to attack Penguin's territory and was using Robin as a human shield/hostage to prevent Penguin's men and the Gotham City Police Department from firing at him.

The GCPD threw some vomit gas bombs to Croc's gang and that stopped all of Croc's men. The distraction was used by Alfred to rescue Robin. Croc wasn't affected by the gas and he went straight to Penguin. Penguin fired his weapon but only managed to tear Croc's clothes and anger the man further. Harvey Bullock arrived and tackled Croc before he could hurt Penguin. Bullock and Montoya tried to hold down Croc but failed and just before Croc could attack Penguin, Robin attacked Croc. Using his agility, Robin tricked Croc to get his arms inside a car and then Robin tied him hands to the steering wheel. Croc lifted the car with his hands but the car dropped on Croc's feet, knocking him down due to the pain. Bullock, Montoya and Penguin were shocked by Robin's performance and were also grateful for his timely help. Tim acknowledged that he had some help, as we walked towards Alfred.

Later in the Batcave, Tim decided that it was time to call his father and tell him that he was in Gotham. Mr. Drake lost his temper and told Tim that when he returned home, things would be much different. Tim was upset and tired and Alfred suggested that it was better for him to catch some sleep.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Brown was thinking about Tim and his life as Spoiler. Mrs. Brown tried to talk with her, but Steph just wanted to be left alone. Jack Drake was desperate and he decided to do something for his only son.

Later, Batman woke Tim up and told him that there was some trouble. Batman and Alfred showed him some of the TV channels and he realized that his father had told the press about his whereabouts in Gotham and now the case of the "youngster lost in the restricted area" had taken over all the media. This was bad news for Tim.



  • There is a poster of Superboy in Stephanie Brown's bedroom.

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