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The first Robinmobile was given to Dick Grayson as un anonymous gift by an unknown criminal, who wanted to trick the Boy Wonder into driving the car to the Batcave, leading all the criminals to the secret hideout. Robin deduced the scheme and he switched vehicles in order to prevent the thugs from learning the location of the Batcave.[1]

The second Robinmobile was a modification of the Batmobile and was used by the Boy Wonder during Batman's mysterious disappearance from Gotham City.[2]

Onboard Equipment

  • Grabbing Tongs: Located on the front of the vehicle and used to attach the Robinmobile to other vehicles and force them to stop.[2]


  • The automobile's nearest New Earth counterpart is the Redbird
  • The very idea of Dick Grayson having a car as Robin was wiped from existence, as shown when he was complaining to his successor, Tim Drake, that he never got his own car.[3]

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