The Batman Who Laughs' Robins are a group of feral, Jokerized children that he keeps on chain-link leashes.

On the Batman Who Laughs' homeworld of Earth -22, in an effort to drive the Bat insane, the Joker temporarily paralyzed the hero and forced him to watch as he recreated the Wayne murders on a long line of captured children and their parents - shooting each of the children's parents and then infecting the orphans with an incurable strain of Joker Venom.

After Batman had broken free and finally killed the Joker, he collected all of the infected children and had them kept together in an effort to find a cure. However, because Batman had been exposed to a toxin released upon the Joker's death, he slowly started to become the new Joker himself and soon re-purposed the Jokerized children as his new pets - dressing them up in Robin costumes and training them to listen to his commands.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Their own sharp claws and teeth.


  • The only thing the Robins say is "Crow", to which, when Batman wants them to halt, he'll respond with the phrase "Bar". This is a reference to the weapon the Joker used to kill Jason Todd—a crowbar.


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