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Red Cloud is an enforcer for the metahuman crime syndicate the "Invisible Mafia" and an enemy of Superman.

Robinson Goode is a figure whose past is surrounded in mystery. She currently serves as an enforcer for the "Invisible Mafia", a clandestine criminal organization based out of Metropolis. She also works as a reporter for the Daily Planet, although this is just to ensure the secretive nature of her organization is upheld.

Robinson possesses the metahuman gene, giving her with the ability to transform her whole body into a red mist. The mist is toxic to other people, even to Kryptonians, making her a very dangerous foe for Superman.


  • Aerophysiology: Robinson is able to transform herself into a cloud of red mist. She can manipulate her form in this state to do a number of things. She often makes people breathe her in, suffocating them to the point of death; even a Kryptonian like Superman is affected by her air.[1]
    • Flight: While in her cloud form, Goode is weightless; this means she can defy the pull of Earth's gravity to fly.
    • Intangibility: While in her cloud form, Robinson has all the same properties as air. As such, she cannot be damaged physically and can presumably travel through small gaps.[1]


  • Deception
  • Intimidation: Red Cloud demands loyalty in her organization through intimidation. She mainly intimidates her allies and enemies through brutal executions using her power set.[2]
  • Journalism: As well as serving as a mob enforcer, Robinson also works as a mole in the Daily Planet; this presumably means she is an adequate journalist.



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