Ilda[1] was the faithful robot-secretary of intergalactic detective, Star Hawkins. She was always understanding and happy to work for Hawkins, even though he was often short on cash and sent her to Mr. Viozi's pawnshop in order to meet expenses on several occasions.

Her quick thinking abilities helped Hawkins locate several fugitives, kidnappers and alien spies during their adventures together.

In 2092, she and Hawkins were able to retire quite wealthy, and Ilda was married. It was during this adventure where she met Automan: the automatic man.[2]

Hawkins was hired to protect Stella Sterling, even though she already had a bodyguard robot, Automan. Ilda and Automan worked together (with Hawkins) to prevent Ms. Sterling from being kidnapped, though it was really Automan that the kidnappers wanted. While solving the case, the two robots fell in love and they became life-mates. They now consider themselves married.

Hawkins and Ms. Sterling received a quarter of a billion credits by capturing the would-be kidnappers. They used the money to open The Hawkins-Sterling Academy of Robot-Detection, a place where robots can learn how to be detectives.

Currently, Ilda and Automan teach at the institution.


  • Robot Body
    • Telepathy: Ilda has rudimentary telepathic abilities. She can use her "telepathic spool" to warn Star Hawkins about coming danger, however, it is a very short range ability.
    • X-Ray Vision [3]
    • Electro-Blast [3]
    • Infrared circuits: intended for cooking and heating, but useful against criminals when concentrated [3]
    • Various built-in gadgets, including a calculator and a can-opener [3]




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