Robson Rocha is a comic book artist.

Professional History

A breakout star on a celebrated Rebirth title in June 2016, Brazilian artist Robson Rocha has worked for DC on several fan-favorite, space-themed series before now committing fully to space-cops with GREEN LANTERNS, written by Sam Humphries. As a penciller, inker and cover artist, Rocha has worked on such New 52 titles as LOBO and SINESTRO, as well as BIRDS OF PREY, SUPERBOY, and BATMAN/SUPERMAN, among others. Rocha is represented by Chiaroscuro Studios and lives in Minas Gerais.[1]

"I've been a fan of comic books since I was a child," said Rocha. "To have the opportunity to work with the DC characters I admire and love so much is a dream come true. These heroes have helped me believe in a better and much more fantastic world. I hope that my contributions to these characters will help to inspire others."[1]

Work History

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