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Quote1.png I didn't ask for these powers, they were forced on me, but if Cadmus thinks I'm their property, they can kiss my giant concrete ass. Quote2.png
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Rocker Bonn is a Project Cadmus experiment gone rogue named Amazing Man, with the ability to absorb matter.

Formerly an agent of Checkmate, he was forced into genetic manipulation and then went on the run from the law. Brother Eye decides that he might be a useful pawn, and has OMAC attempt to recruit him. The two monsters battle, and Bonn eventually tries to absorb the Brother Eye technology. This allows the programming to take over so Eye can control him completely, putting him away until he needs him for further use.[1]


  • Matter Absorption: Bonn has the meta ability to explosively incorporate any mass while taking on its properties. He can also discharge that same matter as energy.[1]


  • Sensory Vulnerability: Even in his transformative state, his audio and ocular functions behave as normal, making it easy to blind and deafen him.[1]



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