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The Rocket Red Brigade was an elite Soviet (and later Russian) military unit, guarding the country from metahuman threats.


Disturbed by the rapid increase of superheroes in the USA, the Soviet government decided they had to create their own super-powered agents. The alien Green Lantern Kilowog had shown interest in Communism (since it reminded him of the constitution of his home planet Bolovax Vik) and agreed to cooperate with the Soviet Doctor Krenshikov to create the powerful Rocket Red technology. The first Rocket Red, Josef Denisovich, became good friends with Kilowog. Later, Kilowog realized that the Soviets abused his inventions, and in an ensuing battle, he was tragically forced to kill Josef.

The Brigade, however, grew in size, soon becoming the national super-guard of the Soviet Union. They defended their nation against foreign interests, bravely battled alien forces during the Millennium event and the Invasion!, and encountered American super-heroes such as the Green Lanterns, the Suicide Squad (II), and the Justice League. Indeed, when the League went International, a Rocket Red was admitted into their ranks. Rocket Red #7, Vladimir Mikoyan, later turned out to be a traitor and an agent of the alien Manhunters, and was replaced with the more trustworthy Rocket Red #4, Dmitri Pushkin. (Dmitri's armour was eventually destroyed by Lobo, and he acquired a new one on Apokolips, making him the most powerful Rocket Red of them all.)

When the evil Extremists first appeared on Earth, many Rocket Reds were killed and their ranks decimated. New members were recruited later, but the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War made their future uncertain.

With Russia more vulnerable than before, the Modoran terrorist Sonar (I) hypnotized the remaining Rocket Reds - including Dmitri - and used them in an attempt to gain control over the Justice League and several European nations. The Brigade's suits were now updated, based on the design of Dmitri's Apokoliptan armour. Sonar was eventually defeated by the League and their allies, and the Rocket Reds were freed from his control.

Russian Mafia

Subsequently, the Rocket Red organization have become a real mess. Some of the more heroic members (like Dmitri) are still active or semi-active from time to time, while others have retired completely, or even gone rogue. Pieces of Rocket Red armour have been stripped and sold on the black market, and several of the original Rocket Reds are now working for the Russian mob.

This rogue version of the Rocket Red Brigade is led by Russian mob leader Sergei Vurskelyov, and has been encountered by Cameron Chase and the Suicide Squad (II), while Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and Arsenal (IV) once battled a group of Quraci terrorist using their equipment.

Vandal Savage

Later four of the suits came into the possession of Vandal Savage. He imprisoned three of the Titans, Jesse Quick, Arsenal, and Tempest, plus Supergirl, in them and used them as missiles. He managed to destroy the South American city of Montevideo, Uruguay though Tempest managed to save himself. The other Titans were saved as well before their respective suits could detonate.

Rockets Fly Again

Surviving members of the Rocket Red Brigade took their armor back from the Russian Army to fight the world prison break out during the villains' plan to break loose every criminal in the world. They also appeared protecting Russia's border during the one year without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, wearing new, more advanced suits of armor. They were seen again protecting Russia while hindering Green Lantern Hal Jordan's attempt to apprehend an interstellar criminal. After the ensuing situation was resolved, the current Rocket Red #1 is even promoted as a possible Justice League member in the future, should the League plan to expand. Ice was hidden in a suit of Rocket Red armor during her regeneration.

Checkmate has since recruited the current Rocket Red # 1, Captain Maks Chazov, as its White Queen's Knight, with the apparent consent of Chazov's Russian government superiors.


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  • Women are not allowed to join the Brigade. According to former member Gavril Ivanovich, he tried for a long time to convince his superiors to let women join the Red Rocket Brigade.

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