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Roderick Smith is Pied Piper's right-hand and lover and a former member of Pied Piper's Band of Merry Men.

Years in the past, The Flash used his lightning bolt to hit the Band of Merry Men during one of the clashes between him and Hartley Rathaway, the Pied Piper, but harmed Roderick Smith instead of him. Roderick was being held in an energy containment unit in Mercury Labs—it was the only thing keeping him from completely disintegrating as an effect of the shock between Flash's lightning and the vibrational force of his weapon, the result was a thermogenic blast capable of rendering him unstable at a molecular level. That was why Hartley hated Flash so much in this Post-Crisis timeline, but he blamed himself more than anyone for putting the weapon in Roderick's hands.

At the present time, Team Flash swore to solve Roderick's problem so Pied Pier assisted them in defeating Godspeed V, discovering in the clash the way to save Roderick. Among attempts to cure Roderick's condition, Barry realized that he was not only Hartley's right-hand man, but also the love of his life.[1]




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