Rodolfo Damaggio (b. April 11, 1965) is an artist.

Personal History

Damaggio was born and raised in Brazil. He started working for local magazines at the age of 19. He started working in the U.S.A. when he decided to move to Los Angeles.

Professional History

Rodolfo Damaggio is a Brazilian illustrator and designer who worked briefly in the comic book industry. He started working in his country for some magazines and doing some animation. He began his career in comic books in 1995 working for Wendy's Int. Inc on their title 3-D Color Classics. The same year he debuted in DC Comics on the title Green Arrow. He continued working for DC for most of the 90's on titles as Detective Comics, Batman and the Batman vs. Predator crossover, among others.

He decided to quit the comic book industry in the early 2000's to pursue a career in the film industry working as a Production Designer. He have designed for some of the latest live-action superheroes movies such as Iron Man; Captain America and Green Lantern.

Work History

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