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Roger Slifer (b. November 11, 1954 – d.March 30, 2015) was a writer.

Personal History

Slifer lived most of his life in Santa Monica, California.

In 2012, he was victim of a hit-and-run accident, which caused him serious damage and prevented him from working normally ever again. He died in 2015 as a result of the injuries sustained and the treatments he endured.

Professional History

Roger Slifer was a professional comic book writer, best known for co-creating Lobo along with artist Keith Giffen. He started his career in the 70s working for Marvel Comics. In the early 80s, Slifer started working for DC Comics, where his first published work was on the title Batman. He also worked on the Omega Men title and by the mid-80s, he became an editor for the company. A few years later, Slifer moved away from DC after a conflict about creators' rights.

After his years as comic book writer and editor, Slifer focused on animation, working on various projects including some for Marvel.

Work History

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