Rokk is a Venturan who has encountered multiple Earth heroes.

Rokk, along with his comrade Sorban, is a member of the dying ruling-caste of the gamblers' planet of Ventura, where all production has been automated to furnish a post-scarcity society wherein the sole preoccupation of the natives is to master games of chance.[1] Rokk and Sorban have attempted to alleviate the boredom of their existence by roping the more exceptional sentients of many other worlds into their schemes, or forcing them to try their hand at gambling games against them on their home-world. Superman and Batman have both had the misfortune to be plagued by these pests in the past, though they were once impersonated by Abra Kadabra and the Weather Wizard when they appeared to be interfering in one of the Superman-Flash races.[2] Their schemes very often endanger the Earth itself for the gamblers' petty entertainment needs.[3][1][4][5]





  • Giant slot machines, roulette wheels, etc.


  • Various ships capable of interstellar travel.



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