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Dream Boy was appointed by the United Planets as a Naltorian replacement for the deceased Dream Girl in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

He was visited by Dream Girl in one of his dreams where she told him about the Legion's final move against the Dominators, an extremely powerful Phantom Zone projector that Brainiac 5 would build and that Mon-El would deliver to the core of Dominion. Dream Boy told the Legion and the Wanderers that Dream Girl had told him that Brainiac 5 would build a bomb that would kill the Dominators, on the demand from Cosmic Boy. Dream Boy, Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5 and Phantom Girl were the only people who knew the truth about the "bomb".


  • Naltorian Physiology
    • Oneiromancy: Like all people native to Naltor, Dream Boy is clairvoyant, and has the ability to forecast future events based upon visions he sees in his dreams. This ability is 100% accurate in all situations, though there have been occasions when Dream Boy has misinterpreted the visions that he sees.
      • Precognition: Dream Boy can forecast events that take place up to one year into the future.





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