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Roland Daggett was a business entrepreneur whose company competed with Wayne Enterprises often. This prompted Daggett to resort to dubious schemes to gain the competitive edge.

Daggett's Industries developed a chemical labelled "Renuyu", which allowed people to change their facial structure at will. However, this compound had addictive properties and it couldn't be released to the public. Until he could get the product to sell, Daggett used Renuyu to help the famous actor Matt Hagen, whose face was damaged in a car accident. Daggett allowed Hagen to use the chemical in exchange of illegal favors, as Hagen impersonated people under Daggett's instructions. Daggett used Hagen to impersonate Bruce Wayne in order to steal important documents from Wayne Enterprises. Hagen failed due to Batman interfering, and Daggett instructed his henchmen to make Hagen pay for his failure. When Hagen's supply of Renuyu ran out, he tried to steal the chemical from Daggett's laboratories, but he was confronted by Daggett's henchmen, who gave Hagen an overdose of the chemical, transforming him into Clayface.[1]

Daggett later tried to promote Renuyu into the market, but Clayface sabotaged his campaign and tried to kill Daggett for causing his transformation. Daggett was saved by Batman, but he was still apprehended and taken under police custody.[2]



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