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Rolando Texador, more commonly known as Tech-9, was the original leader of the Blood Syndicate.

Prior to the Big Bang, he was the leader of a gang called "Force Syndicate". Having tactical military experience, he led the Blood Syndicate in several raids on crackhouses on Paris Island, and in their first battles against S.Y.S.T.E.M.. He died, however, when his powers destabilized and his flesh suddenly melted off his bones. His pet dog, Dogg, continued membership. He was succeeded as Team Leader by Wise Son. Tech was later post-mortem impersonated by the rogue Masquerade, who had allied herself with the Demon Fox.


  • Firearms: Tech-9 is a walking arsenal. He has assembled a truly impressive collection of weapons, all of which he is more than proficient with and most of which he seems to have on his person at any given time. Since gaining metahuman powers during the Big Bang, Tech-9 has never had to reload any weapon in his hands. He never runs out of bullets, and shoots with perfect accuracy. He has also been shown to be able to materialize guns in his hands. This ability is sometimes referred to as Talismanic Telekinesis.




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