Romalthi the Shaper is a member of the San Francisco mystical underworld who can use his touch to transform anyone into whatever is depicted on his magical mask.

He joined Brother Night, alongside Ember and Teddy, in an attempt to conquer the mortal society in San Francisco. Transforming several members of the criminal underworld into monsters as the others of the cabal killed them in an attempt to frame the killing as a mere monster slaying rather than a criminal takeover, his part in the scheme was learned by Zatanna Zatara, who came to Brother Night's base and put a stop to it. While the Shaper attempted to transform her into a slug, she magically switched places with Nimue Ravensong and escaped after destroying the base of operations.[1]

The next time they met during a ritual by Brother Night, the Shaper again attempted to transform Zatanna, this time into a squid, only to be trapped in a glass container, unable to touch anything and thereby effectively powerless.[2]


  • Magic
    • Flight: The Shaper is somehow able to mystically fly, and rarely, if ever, actually touches the ground.



  • Mystical Mask
    • Metamorphosis: The Shaper can transform anyone into whatever is depicted on his mask, transformed on touch.[1]



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