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Roman Sionis is the CEO of Janus Cosmetics on Earth-Prime and, in secret, a crime lord, known as Black Mask.

Early History

Roman Sionis became a businessman and the CEO of Janus Cosmetics, a makeup-producing company.

He had a daughter who, in the past, was captured by the Crows Security and, eventually, murdered by Katherine Kane/Batwoman.[1]

Rise of the False Face Society

At some point in time before 2020, Sionis entered the crime world, creating a drug-selling organization, known as the False Face Society, whose associates distinguished themselves as they wore different masks; Sionis hid himself behind a skull-themed mask from which he earned his moniker, Black Mask.

The False Face Society began selling a new drug, the Snakebite, in the street of Gotham City; eventually, Sionis' organization expanded itself in the underground of Gotham but its associates were discovered and opposed by Batwoman.

Around May 2020, Black Mask became aware of Kate Kane being Batwoman so, in order to take his revenge for the death of his daughter, he made her plane explode as it left National City. After capturing a severely wounded Kate,[1] Black Mask and the False Face Society continued their business, even after the rise of a new Batwoman, as the Queen of Coryana, Safiyah Sohail, was blamed for Kate's disappearance.[2]

Months later, Black Mask ordered his masked goons, including Angelique Martin, to take down the GCPD Commisioner Forbes; the next day, Sionis, in his civilian persona, appeared all over the TVs, asking for more security in Gotham City.

Later, after Batwoman was captured by the False Face Society, Black Mask witnessed the execution of one of its members and ordered the vigilante to suffer the same fate but he had to leave after Sophie Moore came to rescue Batwoman; not long after, Black Mask welcomed the master hypnotist, Enigma, asking her to use her abilities to erase Kate Kane's civilian persona from her mind.[1]



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  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Batwoman and is an adaptation of Black Mask. The original character was created by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake and first appeared in Batman #386.
  • Roman Sionis was portrayed by Peter Outerbridge.



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