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Roman Sionis was the Black Mask, a crime boss in Gotham City.

When Red Hood arrived in Gotham, Sionis found his business under siege as the vigilante turned his full attention to taking over Black Mask's operation and muscle him out of the business. Black Mask hired the Fearsome Hand of Four to take out the Hood, but the Four were defeated when Red Hood teamed up with Batman, with the Hood killing one of them in the process. Enraged, Black Mask demanded Red Hood be killed, and the vigilante's head mounted on his wall, but Red Hood attacked Sionis Industries directly, firing a rocket launcher directly at Roman's office. Sionis escaped, and made his way to Arkham where he planned to hire the Joker to take out the Hood. While the Joker agrees, he turns on Sionis and takes the Black Mask prisoner with the rest of Red Hood's underbosses- forcing the Red Hood and Batman to save them from an exploding oil tanker.




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