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Firestorm is one of the youngest members of the Justice League.

Ronnie Raymond was in a field trip to the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant when it was attacked by two bandits looking to steal plutonium. They grabbed him, and its founder Martin Stein, as hostages. Ronnie tried to fight back, which caused the bandits to lock them in the control panel. They threw a handful of grenades as the door closed. The explosion, mixed in with the core's radiation, fused Ronnie and Stein into the world's first nuclear powered superhero, Firestorm.

Years later, the power plant was attacked once again, this time by the group of androids called Nucler Family. They wanted to overheat the core and make it explode so they would have a nuclear wasteland to call home. Firestorm defeated them, but he didn't had the heart to destroy them. In the end, they just wanted some place to live, so he granted them a place to call their own in the form of a house miniature. The Justice League had eyes on him for some time, and after he proved to be powerful and compassionate, he was rightfully recruited to the team.[1]





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