Ron Troupe was a journalist who worked at the Daily Planet before the Anti-Life Equation turned Earth's inhabitants into the Anti-Living.

Ron worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. When most of the Daily Planet staff were turned into the Anti-Living, his co-worker Jimmy Olsen directed him and other uninfected workers including Cat Grant to hide in the building's brodcast room.[1]

As the Anti-Living tried to break down the broadcast room's door, he and others tried to barricade it but were saved by Superman,[1] who took all the infected outside the building and barricaded the entrance.[2] Clark told the survivors to stay put and asked Jimmy to look after them.[1]

When Captain Atom exploded and destroyed Metropolis, he and others in the building were saved due to a force field created around it by Dinah Drake using her Green Lantern Ring.[1]




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