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Ron Troupe is a reporter for the Daily Planet.

An aspiring reporter, Ron attempted to get a job at the Daily Planet. The Planet's acting editor, Sam Foswell refused to hire him, so Troupe turned his attention towards the Planet's rival, Newstime Magazine. Troupe's tenure there was brief and publisher Colin Thornton eventually fired him. By this point, Sam Foswell had been removed from the Daily Planet, and Perry White had resumed his position as Managing Editor. He hired Troupe shortly before the coming of Doomsday. After Doomsday's rampage, the Daily Planet's star reporter Clark Kent was among the missing, and Ron inherited Clark's responsibilities.

A straight-laced, levelheaded reporter, Ron was the first staff journalist to break the story on the Return of Superman. He covered a historic meeting between the Cyborg Superman (who at the time was believed to be the real Superman) and the then President of the United States, Bill Clinton. When Clark resurfaced and returned to active duty, Ron continued to work at the Planet.

Ron eventually met and fell in love with Lucy Lane, the younger sister of Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane. The two were wed shortly before the Our Worlds at War event, much to the chagrin of Lucy's father, Sam Lane. Lucy gave birth to Ron's son, Samuel.

Ron Troupe went on a sabbatical from the Daily Planet, only returning when he had six degrees. He cemented his position as the Daily Planet's political analyst with a series of articles exposing corruption among Metropolis' politicians, which has earned him the ire of those in local government.


  • Journalism: Ron Troupe has a keen intuitive mind, and is a skilled journalist. He is known for his objectivity, and tackles a story from all possible angles.



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