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Roni Evers is an aggressive, driven and righteous vigilante warring against the corporation Quorum, who upgraded her with cybernetics for military use, which were then ripped out after she was discharged. She is also the ex-girlfriend and sometimes enemy of Cyborg.

Early life

Roni Evers lived a poor life, losing her mother in an accident, so she joined the military, but one day she was caught in an explosion, causing several scars on her torso. To try to recover, Roni was visited by the Quorum organization, which offered to give her cybernetic enhancements, in exchange for doing stealth assassination missions, which she accepted.

Roni received updates on her body, where the scientist Niles Caulder and his industry, Caulder Robotics, were involved, and since then, Roni has killed several people. But some time later, Roni would lose her robotic parts after being discharged for post-traumatic stress disorder, and began using a cane, for which she began attending supportive therapy.[1][2][3]

Relationship with Victor Stone

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Romantic tension

In 2020, Roni told her story to the therapy group, before realizing that there was a new member, Victor Stone, the vigilante known as Cyborg, whom she reprimanded for his tardiness, and tried to finish the story, but got angry because Vic had a security camera in his cyber eye. While working in a bar, Roni was visited with Vic, sharing about their traumas and the death of their mothers from an accident, causing the two to become friends. After her date with Vic, Roni was attacked by a young thief, arresting him, and was angry that Vic called the police, arguing with him about giving the thief a second or third chance, which he accepted, and Roni surprised Vic by their sense of justice, causing both of them to have romantic feelings for each other.[1]

When there was a time change, Roni didn't inform Vic, meeting with him, informing him of their plan to be alone, sharing a passionate kiss, and trying to persuade him to have sex, but he refused at first because she had doubts about his interests. robotic parts, although Roni showed her scars, surprising Vic, who decided to have sex with her. After being with Vic, Roni did not want to start a relationship with him, agreeing to go on a date with Vic to show that he was different, however, Roni sent him photos of their brutal murders to get him to stay away. Days later, Roni was visited by Vic, who apologized using the advice of a friend, showing shock that Vic accepted her despite the images, and the two are now reconciled as an official couple. At night, Roni told Vic about her Quorum-mandated missions, feeling ashamed of what it caused and Vic supporting her girlfriend to try and get better.[2][4]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Dumb Patrol

Adventure with her boyfriend's friends

Roni accepted Vic's help to check her scars while listening to her bizarre adventures and explained that by having technology fused to her body, it is as if she had been poisoned, causing her to be near death, worrying Vic, and they put to investigate, discovering that Caulder Robotics and S.T.A.R. Labs were involved. Seeking answers with Niles Caulder, Roni and Vic went to Doom Manor, where she met Vic's friends Miranda, a girl with various personalities, Rita Farr, a former actress, and Larry Trainor, a man radioactive. Roni and the group were infected by the gas from the Scants, which gave them silly ideas, causing them to travel to the Painting That Ate Paris with the sorcerer Willoughby Kipling, and encounter Ernest Franklin, a reformed enemy of the team. After Miranda defeated the Scant Queen, Roni and the group left the painting and secretly, Roni took some of the Scants' uma jelly.[3][5]

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  • Unique Physiology: After consuming concentrated uma jelly, Roni developed a new super-powered physiology.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Cybernetic Enhancement (Formerly): Roni had been equipped with extensive cybernetics within her body to allow her to do covert missions for Quorum but they've since been ripped out of her.

Other Characteristics

  • Blood Poisoning: The bionics Roni used to have in her body were haphazardly removed upon her discharge; one of the remaining pieces is slowly leaking poison into her blood and drastically shortening her lifespan without anything medical doctors can do.
  • PTSD: Roni has developed PTSD from her trauma, attending regular group meetings to cope.
  • Restricted Mobility (Formerly): After the damage to her body, Roni required a cane to walk. However, she healed after drinking the scant's uma jelly.



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