From the reality of Earth-37, Ronnie Raymond merged with Nathaniel Adam to become Quantum-Storm; making him this universe's hybridization of Captain Atom and Firestorm.

Quantum-Storm was abducted by Monarch and forced to fight in his selection process to determine the most powerful of the 52 Multiverse super-powered beings. His counterparts that he suppose to battle are the Captain Atom of the Atomic Knights from Earth-38, and Breach.

Quantum-Storm and the other unwilling participants tried to plot their escape and against Monarch. After Breach was sent to recruit the alternate versions of Captain Atoms to combat Monarch, Quantum-Storm and Captain Atom of the Atomic Knights joined a vampirized The Bat to free the other surviving Arena prisoners. However, they encounter and battle a surprising horde of Monarch's soldiers. At this point Monarch appear before them and told them he had been preparing a prison break from the very beginning. After killing The Bat, Monarch further reveals to Quantum-Storm and Captain Atom of his prevention plan that Breach had been brainwashed to be used in unexpectedly serving him and deliberately used in bringing every alternate Captain Atoms for Monarch to kill and absorb their powers. Quantum-Storm and Captain Atom were then absorbed by Monarch as they made their futile attempt to blast away at their insane counterpart.



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