Rory Regan was the hero named Ragman who wore the mystical Suit of Souls.

Rory Regan was a hero known as the "Ragman", known so due to the appearance of his cloak called the Suit of Souls, and was one of the few survivors of the Anti-Life virus outbreak. His cloak allowed him to use the evil souls trapped in it to increase his strength and speed. This however didn't work on the Anti-Living. He later joined the Shadowpact to help rescue other survivors across the world. Five years into their mission the Swamp Thing Alec Holland came to John Constantine asking for help, while the Shadowpact were rescuing a group of survivors in Chicago. After killing all the Anti-Living surrounding them, Alec told him that there was a garden in Australia which was screaming out to him. He thus wanted him to examine it together.[1]

Constantine agreed, deputing Ravager and Red Hood to take the survivors to Ivy's jungle, while telling the others to come with him. Swamp Thing took the Shadowpact members to a bunker, which was surrounded by hellfire, the Anti-Living and an apparent blood moat. As Zatanna casted a spell to help them fly to the bunker, the infected Plastic Man quickly pounced on them. Ragman was soon killed and nothing remained of him asides from his cloak.[1][2]




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