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Pantha, born Rosabelle Mendez, and also known as subject X-24, was a cat-like member of one of the incarnations of the Teen Titans.


During her time with the Titans, she had no knowledge as to her origins, whether she was a human woman or a female panther before the Wildebeest Society mutated her. But tragically, her ultimately fruitless search lead her to many dead-ends. The significance of her designation as "X-24" was also never revealed.

Teen Titans

While many of the other Titans were close friends, Pantha went out of her way to alienate herself from the team. Pantha was overtly hostile towards her teammates, often ridiculing and berating them. She often referred to Starfire as "princess" and once teased her about Nightwing's other lovers. She also had a habit of calling Flamebird "Miss Wimbledon". Despite her attitude, her feral abilities made her a valuable asset to the team, and even earned her the affections of fellow Titan Red Star.

To her initial frustration, Pantha was "adopted" as a surrogate mother by Baby Wildebeest. She did not like this at first, often making references to grisly ways the child could perish. She eventually took responsibility for his care when she left the Titans with Red Star, forming a unique and somewhat dysfunctional family unit.

Later, she teams up with her old allies when Cyborg, now with an entirely new level of power, threatens the entire Earth. The Justice League of America showed up also and a series of mistakes led to the entire team fighting. Pantha took on Catwoman but neither side won as they were interrupted by blasts from Orion. Baby Wildebeest himself was subdued by Superman.

Infinite Crisis

During the "Infinite Crisis", she joins with another team of Titans, along with a new Doom Patrol and Justice Society of America. Their mission is to stop the deranged Superboy-Prime who has attacked this reality's version of Superboy. The battle originates at the town of Smallville, Kansas and moves to the outskirts of Keystone City. There, Pantha is decapitated with a backhand blow by Superboy-Prime that is so powerful her head knocks Ambush Bug unconscious. Superboy-Prime instantly claims he didn't mean to do it, but in the next few moments, he kills Baby Wildebeest and attacks Red Star with freezing breath. Red Star survives his injuries.

Blackest Night

Pantha has been resurrected as a Black Lantern in the Blackest Night. She was seen with Baby Wildebeest, as well as Garth, Tula, and Dolphin gathering to attack the Teen Titans.




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