Roscoe Hynes, later known as Turbine, was an ally of the Flash.


Roscoe Hynes was a Tuskegee Airman who led a squadron of prototype planes on its first combat mission during World War II. During the battle Hynes broke formation to test the prototype plane's flight capabilities. He disappeared into thin air.[1]

Roscoe Hynes didn't just disappear. He was absorbed into the Speed Force and was trapped there for about 70 years. When the Flash enters the Speed Force dimension in search of Iris West, he finds Hynes. Hynes follows the Flash back home.[2]

Gorilla Warfare

Hynes had a difficult time remembering who he was or why he was there, but upon seeing Patty Spivot and hearing about the Flash, he recalled his life in the Speed Force and how he escaped. During the invasion of gorillas, Hynes assisted the Rogues in saving the people of Keystone City from being abducted and defeating Grodd. Seeing his skills, the Rogues approached Hynes about joining the team.[3]


  • Superhuman Spinning: Due to being trapped in the Speed Force for years, Roscoe gained the ability to spin his body at superhuman speed.[4]




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