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Rose Levin was an ancestor and ally of Booster Gold.

Rose Levin was a well traveled woman. She had lived all over the world, including Paris during the invasion of Starro.[1]

She ran a popular blog, often writing on the identity of Supernova. She argued that it was in fact Booster Gold himself, but had little evidence to back it up. Even though her blog eventually died a painful death, she persevered in her research.[2]

She first met Booster - who was presumed dead - when he saved Ferris Air flight 285 after its wing had been clipped by an enraged Black Adam. He was gone before she could talk to him.[3] Rose's research eventually led her to Daniel Carter's apartment, who took a liking to her. When she found a Booster Gold costume in his closet, he claimed to be Booster - only to be put down by Rose, who noted that because of his size and hair color, he couldn't have been.[2]

Rip Hunter took Daniel and Rose with him in the Time Sphere, hoping that a stay in the Timestream would protect his ancestors. The knowledge that they would eventually become a couple only worsened Rose's feelings for Daniel.


Time Sphere: During her brief stint as a Time Hunter, Rose would travel by Time Sphere with Rip and Daniel.

  • Rose's eyes are brown, but she's taken to wearing blue-colored lenses.



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