Rose Lewis Hardin was an acquaintance of Hal Jordan, whom he met when he visited the town of Desolation, West Virginia early in his career.

Later, when he wanted to reconnect with his humanity, he returned to her town (now called Hope Springs), and asked her for some work in exchange for room and board. While he worked there, he struck up a friendship with her son Toby, and held some romantic feelings for her. He was allowed to work there until she discovered that he was a Green Lantern, at which point she asked him to leave.

Later, the Guardian Appa Ali Apsa - known to Hal as the Old Timer - having been the sole occupant of Oa for years, went insane. He created a mind-union with the unfortunate John Stewart in order to retrace his steps through the Universe, and transplant cities from each place he had visited, and bring them to Oa. One of these cities included Hope Springs, and a terrified Rose found herself trapped on Oa in a Mosaic of cities from all around the universe.

Even after the rogue guardian was disposed of, violence and intolerance eventually broke out between the many species trapped on the planet. With the Mosaic under the charge of John Stewart, Rose became a friend to him, and a key figure in the building of a union between the alien races that were forced to settle there.



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