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Quote1.png Welcome to The Family, Rose. You'll fit right in. Especially if you brought complex, unresolved father issues. Quote2.png
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Rose Wilson is the daughter of Deathstroke, and a precognitive adventurer known as Ravager.

The Unkillables

On the second night since the Anti-Life Virus had festered Gotham, Rose Wilson merely waited in fear and terror inside her own apartment, until her father Slade (Deathstroke) had finally contacted her, informing that he's on his way to rescue her. Despite her "seeing the same fate" of being infected by the techno-organic virus, Slade nevertheless assured of her daughter's safety, as long as Rose brings every weapon she can carry and proactively stays away from any screen while she awaits his arrival.

While on his way to land on the apartment roof riding a helicopter, Slade encountered an infected Man-Bat, which inevitably crashes with the helicopter, biting his arm in the process. The helicopter crashed onto the apartment roof and Man-Bat died with it, though Slade survived despite being bitten. Rose tried to kill her infected father out of mercy, only for Slade to revert back to normal by the moment he got impaled by Rose's sword, informing the latter of Slade's immunity to the Anti-Life Virus. At that same moment, Mirror Master came to their aid, revealing he came on Vandal Savage's behalf to offer protection in exchange for their skills. The two accepted his invitation, in which they traveled through Mirror World wearing Mirror Master's extra Babel Lenses and arrive on Savage's sanctuary, Ball's Pyramid. [1]

Rose found about Vandal Savage's betrayal when he tried to dissect her father and Creeper. After a zombie Wonder Woman destroyed the island, Rose escaped to Jason Todd's school where she and Deathstroke and a few villains would stay. She would help train the students and even began a romance with Jason Todd. [2] When the group would escape to the Gotham sanctuary, Rose would watch her father get murdered by Wonder woman. She would be safe at the Gotham sanctuary and would help create a memorial to her father and the other villains. [3]



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