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Quote1 Barely out of high school, I'd imagine, but patterning yourself after a murderer. Is that the life you want? Quote2
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Rose Wilson is the daughter of Deathstroke, and a precognitive mercenary known as Ravager.

Early Years

Rose was born the illegitimate daughter of Deathstroke by Lillian Worth, a Hmong woman Slade encountered in Cambodia. At a young age of about 10, she was retrieved by Slade and Billy Wintergreen, Slade killing her mother in the process,[3] while Slade's child with Adeline, Joey, was kidnapped and had his throat slit. This resulted in a rift between Slade and Adeline, and Adeline's strong dislike of Rose.[4]

Alienated by her father's actions, at some point she leaves and joins the Teen Titans, led by Tim Drake at the time. For more information on the same, refer to Ravager. This is still canon, (despite the multiversal event known as flashpoint), as confirmed by the Dark Nights: Death Metal event, where each Titan or Teen Titan reunites for a last stand. [5]

New 52

Following the reboot, Rose, no longer Ravager, eventually came into the employment of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. as a mercenary and was involved in the conditioning of the second clone to use the name of Superboy.

She was also seen in a distant future married to Garfield Logan having two children at that time.

Deathstroke by Tony S.Daniel

While not thoroughly established in 52 canon, it is a retcon to the origins of Slade and his family. Here, Rose is back to the mantle of Ravager with a new costume and yet again, only one eye, bearing an eyepatch. She shows up on a search for her half-brother Jericho and eventually hesitantly allies up with Slade in a final climactic battle against her grandfather Charles Wilson.


History of training: The Lazarus Contract

Not wanting her to be exposed to him and his lack of morality, Slade formed a secret agreement with Robin — in exchange for Slade not killing the Teen Titans in retaliation for Grant Wilson's death, Robin would train Rose in martial arts and act as a role model for his daughter, which Robin agreed to.

Deathstroke 2016

As a young adult, Rose worked as a bouncer and precognitive mercenary, accepting contracts to prevent other hitmen from carrying out theirs, the latter job in particular earning Slade's disdain.[6] When Slade learned of an assassination notice put out on her, he reappeared in her life under the guise of wanting to help her track down the one responsible. Following an encounter with Batman, it was revealed that Deathstroke himself put the hit out on her as a means to bond with her.[7][8] Disillusioned with her already troubled relationship with her father, Rose instead decided to bond with her mother's family, seeking them out in Northern Vietnam, where she learned of the name her mother had given her, Xia,[9] before finding her mother's family in Minneapolis.[10]

Despite being happy with her new family, Hosun Park sought her out for protection from her father, proposing to her under the impression that Deathstroke would not harm his daughter's husband.[11] Rose refused but, after learning that her new family was in actuality hired by Slade[12], accepted Hosun's proposal in order to spite her father, before she returned to Los Angeles for Joey's wedding to Etienne. During the ceremony, when confronted on his manipulation, Slade claimed he hired Rose's fake family so she could learn about her Hmong heritage. Soon after, an enraged Jericho attacked his father for supposedly killing Etienne, Rose being injured when she attempted to restrain her brother,[13] leaving her with a fractured skull.[14]

Following some time, Rose recovered and Jericho had made amends. They joined a covert organisation known as Defiance which Rose had operated on for quite some time. Meanwhile, there emerged a new vigilante going by the name "Willow". On a quest for vengeance, she attacks the streets of Chinatown to kill a person from the past, living in present time known as 'Ying Zheng'. She succeeds in the process. [15] Terra, to control Slade, joins the team.

The members of Defiance are found invading the Sovereign borders of the Chetland United Atlantic Islands, attacked by light projections known as Radiant Men. While they are failing to defeat the projections, Slade has a conversation with Dr.Light. Terra comes in to save them and asks Rose if she is still a virgin. Defiance wins and returns back to their base. [16]

Slade gives the team a training session and spars with Rose. Slade states that Rose telegraphs her weakness to her enemies because she uses the flat side of her sword, and Rose replies that every path she's chosen was tainted by him. Rose eventually stabs Slade in the gut, realising that his Ikon armor may have malfunctioned. Terra searches for Willow. Slade states to Wintergreen that it is a sword from the future that can possibly penetrate any material and that was the reason why he was hurt. Slade then enters Rose's room discovering Hosun, finding out that Rose had married him. They were interrupted by an emergency at the coast, and Rose saved a few passengers on board a ship. Slade discusses the society with Wintergreen about the Secret Society, while someone goes after 'Willow'. [17]

In the next issue, Slade plays Wally's recorder out loud while Rose and the others listen. Wally describes an argument between Terra and Rose where Rose's sword seems to be taken. Slade gets kidnapped by the society, and Willow resurfaces, asking for "Claire". [18]

Slade, after proving to the society he is still evil, gets kidnapped by a Solomon Grundy-like figure who captured him wearing a torn-up deathstroke costume. Rose expressed concern but the others eliminated it, reassuring that he is indeed "The world's deadliest man alive". [19]

Rose gets Hosun to fix a tracking device and they get to the Society's lair, where Rose is yet again skeptic of who kidnapped Slade. With further information, Jericho learns of his dad's kidnapper, Dr.Isherwood, and leaves for Canada.

Rose stays behind, finally getting Terra to admit that she stole her sword. Her alternate personality Willow pursues Kiau-Jao Long, or the forgotten, whom Terra recognises as Rose. Isherwood saves her from dying, takes her to a safe place and she wakes up as Rose, not Willow. Discovering this new identity, it is revealed she is "possessed" by a spirit that is a thousand years old. She also discovers that she, as Willow, was the one who killed Jericho's fiancée. [20]

She confesses to Jericho and believes she's gone insane, but they did not have the time for further conversation. Rose, in the guise of Willow, ends all enmity between the others and herself. Slade ends up in Arkham. Jericho forgives Rose. [21]

Way later, Harvey Dent as Two-face kidnaps Rose, believing her to be Willow, and took her to China. His goal was of two sides, to help or hurt Deathstroke by killing his children, or helping Rose figure out whether Willow was real at all. He owed Slade a favour and the coin came up on the clean side, which meant he would help her. [22]

The people of the Hmong descent were told of Willow's story of the sword and the princess, and they simply told Rose she was crazy. The story of Willow ended there, with two-face taking her back home. Thus, she was cured. [23]

The second-last of Christopher Priest's deathstroke ends with a "dead" Slade, killed by a member of Damian Wayne's Teen Titans. Rose, angered by the facade of celebrating him, lashes out at others, including Commissioner Gordon. She intended to follow his legacy and wore the Ikon suit, carrying out his last bounty. However, she was beaten to the kill by Shado, who convinced her to abandon this path. Jericho informed her of the real reason behind Slade's death, Red Arrow, and she went for revenge. [24]

Jericho, promised new powers by Lex Luthor, attempts to stop Rose from killing Emiko, Red Arrow, and takes the blame. However, he and Rose experience some psychic feedback upon which they enter flashbacks into each other's memories. Emiko goes free and Rose ends up missing. Hosun finds a version of Deathstroke in his house. [25]

Rose is found at a graveyard by Emiko, who battles her for a short while, discussing what had passed. Rose leaves her alone because she received some of Jericho's mercy, which made Emiko cry for her actions.

This version of Deathstroke is from an alternate Earth, a bleak future where he killed all the Titans and drowned Rose. He also proceeds to kill Hosun in front of the public because he "does not work for him anymore". The original Slade, upon discovering that someone is impersonating him, returns. [26]

Rose fought this Slade to a standstill, but eventually stabbed him and fled from the battle. This Slade quickly gained consciousness again and went after Adeline instead. Rose protected Jericho's boyfriend, but learnt of Hosun's death, saying "She loved him", demanding for him to be avenged, which Slade had achieved. Jericho, now deprived of his powers, consoled a grieving Rose.

Months later, Rose and the Wilson family reunite, happy, celebrating Thanksgiving. However, this is when Slade left. [27]

Infinite Frontier

Lazarus Tournament

Rose became aware of someone raiding the hideout of the original Ravager -- her deceased elder brother Grant.[28]During her investigation, she was invited to participate in the Lazarus Tournament hosted by the League of Lazarus, which she accepted in order to investigate a young competitor named Respawn wearing a uniform similar to her father's. She spent much of the tournament advising and spending time with Robin. When the competition was revealed to be a front for the League to revive a centuries-old demon, Rose joined with the rest of the competitors to defeat it under Robin's leadership.[29] Following Damian's victory, Rose found out the true identity of Respawn and took him on a plane to meet his father, leaving the celebration without saying farewell.

Shadow War

An imposter wearing one of Deathstroke's costumes had killed Ra's Al Ghul, framing Slade for the same. This led to Deathstroke, who had just met his son Respawn, and Rose, to be targeted by Talia Al Ghul and the League of Shadows. When the ninjas cornered Deathstroke, Respawn jumped in front of him and was shot while protecting his father, leaving all of them to believe he died. During a final duel between Deathstroke and Talia, Slade was killed before the instigator of their fight and true killer of Ra's was revealed to be Geo-Force. Rose, finally free of the burden of her father, believed he was dead and set out on her own path.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

Previously unknown to Rose, Slade had returned to kill everyone under the name of The Great Darkness. When Slade had destroyed Titans Academy and killed several teenage heroes, Rose came to know of his return and infiltrated his lair. It is there she tried to reason with him but learns of his twisted motives as he uses the Great Darkness to control the rest of his Society's soldiers, terrified at what her father had become. Eventually she too falls prey to the same dark matter and is manipulated into a brief fight with her old mentor, Nightwing. However, the heroes eventually prevail and she is saved, but Slade still persists on his own agenda. Weak and defeated, he stops because she goes to him and tells him to end this, calming it all down. He says to her that all he wanted was a better future for her and the rest of his children. She acknowledges it, and thus Slade stops fighting. He is put into a tank, his only way to survive once stripped of his metagene and powers, while Rose ventures on to join the newly formed Stormwatch team. [30]

Dawn of DC


Rose was among the first members in the newly reformed Stormwatch, based on the old Justice League Satellite. Her first mission sent her to handle the Fourth Reich and acquire their Darkness Engine, a weapon capable of absorbing yellow sun radiation.[31]

Her next mission sent Rose to keep Singularity, a splinter group of Black Hole, from acquiring William Huskk in a prison near Central City. When a time weapon went off the two attempted to save the prisoners. Luckily the weapon was stopped by Core and the mission was a success.[32]

Next, she was assigned to get the Dead Sea Blade from the Xect, Xebelian exiles. Although technically a success, Flint and Peacekeeper-01 were infected by the sword's magic.[33] Next the team was sent to get Malware from the Halo Corporation and although a technical success, the inaction taken by the team when Malware absorbed the local security nearly caused Rose to to leave the team the following day, despite Phantom-One's protests.[34]

Knight Terrors

When the villain Insomnia used his powers to engulf every single hero and villain in their own dark and twisted nightmares, Rose found herself with a young version of herself and an army of dead men.[35] When this younger version of herself became twisted under the will of a nightmare version of Slade Wilson, Ravager defeated the latter, freeing herself and her nightmare-self from the nightmare.[36]

Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War

During the feud between Batman and Catwoman on controlling Gotham's crime, Jason Todd sided with Selina Kyle, and organised a few heists for her. Ravager, wearing her initial rebirth costume, checked in on her ex-boyfriend, and returned for a team up, expressing concern for Jason. Jason pushed her away and asked to meet him at a certain point of time. When he did not show up, she was worried.

Catwoman Vol 5 62

When Selina Kyle developed a friendship with Jason Todd, he inquired about Rose, whom Selina started to keep tabs on. Selina approached Waller about a mission that could have repaid her debt, doing what she does best by pulling off a heist. Interested in the whereabouts of Ravager, she joins a temporary task force made to loot an item from Black Adam, where Rose joins her, among others. Following the success of this mission, Rose was put back in jail. [37]




Two Japanese Katanas, used from time- to -time


  • Inertron Sword: Rose brandishes a blade of pure, acid etched inertron from the future. The blade is 100% heat and light reflective and has anti-gravity properties which can pierce the protective sheathe of Slade's Ikon Suit.[44]

  • During Deathstroke (Volume 4) #29, Rose was 18 years old. Her birthday is Valentine's Day - February 14th.[45]
  • Rose Wilson has expressed romantic interest in Red Hood, and according to her, he has broke her heart in the past.[46] They are occasionally in contact with one another, leading others confused as to what their "deal" is.[47]
  • In one possible future, Rose and Gar Logan/Beast Man are married.[48]
  • Rose has a cat named Fonzie.[49]
  • Rose is of Hmong ethnicity.[43]
  • Rose's Hmong name is Xia, which means "glory of the sunrise".[50]



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