Rose Wilson, also known as Ravager, is a teenage vigilante and the daughter of the assassin Deathstroke and a woman named Mei. Deathstroke trained her to become a remorseless killer, but she rebelled against him and joined the Titans.

Rose Wilson is first brought to Titans Tower after a supposed fight with her father, Deathstroke, over the death of her brother, Jericho. Believing that they could work together to bring Deathstroke down, Dick Grayson offers her a room but assures her that he will not force her to stay if she doesn't want to. Rose wants to leave, but something convinces her to stay. Overtime, she bonds with each of the Titans, especially Jason Todd.

When Dick finally reveals how Jericho really died, the Titans decide to go their separate ways. Rose decides to go with Jason back to Gotham City where they become closer. Finally, Rose makes a call to Deathstroke and tells him that she wants out of his plan to break the Titans.

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