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Ross Andru (b. June 15, 1927 – d.November 9, 1993) was a writer.

Professional History

Ross was an American comic book editor and artist. He drew for Wonder Woman and was one of the co-creators of the Metal Men. He worked mostly with his friend inker Mike Esposito. They worked together on different projects for almost 40 years. They became owners of a comic book company MR Publications and tried self-publishing a couple of times with other companies. He published Get Lost and 3D Love along with a few others. He tried again in the early 90s but couldn't fit the budget.

Although best known for his works on Wonder Woman and the Metal Men, he has also worked on many Marvel titles like Spider-Man. He was a co-creator of the Punisher. He started with DC and ended with DC with his death at the age of 66. His last works were Intergalactic Ninja and Archie's Comic Zen. Later a biography was written for Ross and Mike titled, "Partners for Life."

Work History


  • Although a long time Marvel and DC artist, he has published his own comics, owned his own company, started with the unaffiliated "Tarzan" and ended with the non-DC or Marvel "Archie's Comic Zen".


  • In an issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man, a man named Ross Andru was seen in the principal's office as a cameo and homage to the late Spider-Man artist.