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Roulette was a businesswoman who ran Meta-Brawl, a no-holds-barred series of cage matches featuring meta-humans of various types, mostly supervillains.

One of her star attractions, however, was the non-powered superhero Wildcat, who started appearing in Meta-Brawl due to his love for fighting and his desire to do something other than sitting up on the Justice League Watchtower "babysitting". Wildcat, however, began to see that his engaging in Meta-Brawl was starting to interfere with his work as he continued to leave his partner and former trainee Black Canary dealing with smuggler gangs by herself, and tried to tell Roulette that he wasn't going to further participate in it. Roulette, using manipulative talk to get Wildcat to see that he could get more recognition as a hero fighting in a Meta-Brawl ring than he could on the Justice League where he isn't used as often as the more powerful heroes, persuades him to stay. When Black Canary came with Green Arrow to rescue Wildcat from his addiction to fighting in Meta-Brawl, she offers herself as a challenger to Wildcat on the grounds that Roulette would let Wildcat go if she wins. Roulette accepts the offer, but when she hears Wildcat refusing to fight against a former student of his, she uses strongarm tactics to get him to stay and fight. However, Green Arrow knocks Black Canary out with a gas arrow and takes her place in the ring, letting Wildcat beat him to death in order for him to see the end result of his fighting addiction. Roulette thought with Green Arrow's defeat that she would continue to rake in millions with Wildcat, until Wildcat told her that this time his decision of leaving is final. As Wildcat helped the wounded Green Arrow return to the Watchtower, Black Canary destroyed the Meta-Brawl arena, spelling the first end of Roulette's fortunes with Meta-Brawl and dooming her for a time to hold them in low-rent arenas with less ferocious-fighting metahumans.

Turning to Lex Luthor for help in regaining her status as the queen of Meta-Brawl hosting, Roulette had various female Justice League members participate against their will in her new Glamour Slam matches, with a special control signal emitted by Sonar's machines through the Justice League communicators in their ears. The Huntress invaded one of the Glamour Slam matches and freed Black Canary from Roulette's control by accidentally destroying her communicator, but Roulette had both heroines captured and forced to fight other Justice League members still under her control such as Fire, Vixen, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman. When Huntress and Black Canary broke into the control room to shut down the signal, Roulette faced off against Huntress alone but was soon defeated by her. With the shutting down of the control signal over the female Justice League members, Roulette's second go at Meta-Brawl fame had ended.


  • She has tattoos on her back.


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