Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine was one of three women posing as Batwoman.

Rocky's fiancée Kevin was framed by the Penguin. Rocky tried desperately to get him out, aside from her new job at Wayne Enterprises. She was contacted by her old dorm mate, Sonia Alcana, who had a plan to get back at Rupert Thorne. With socialite Kathy Duquesne, who had a grudge against her father, they formed the identity "Batwoman" based from Batman, and worked against the three mobsters, who has formed a pact to smuggle illegal arms to Kaznia.

She came to the aid of Kathy when Bane caught her spying and unmasked her in front of her father. As a parting gift, Batman provided her with evidence that exonerated Kevin.




  • As Batwoman, she used a special glider she designed.


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