Created by the original Hourman, Rex Tyler, as a means of information-gathering for the Justice Society of America All-Stars, Roxy exhibited a unique personality amongst other Artificial Intelligence. Roxy displayed self-awareness and complete sentience virtually instantaneously after her activation. She also possesses a sardonic wit rarely seen amongst machines. In her first appearance, she claims to have taken control of the world's nuclear weapons and plans to destroy the world. However, she reveals this to be an amusing ruse, much to the shock and chagrin of the Society. Roxy also speaks in a very informal manner, commonly utilizing slang and contractions in her speech, another trait uncommon to A.I.

She is capable of rationalising the difference between good and evil and appears to help the All-Stars due to a strong desire to help people, and a general affection for "mortal creatures".

Though she often chastises the team for their ignorance in specific areas, and commonly jokes about the power she has and the dangers of her one day becoming evil, Roxy has never acted in such a way as to make the team question her motives as being anything other than entirely benevolent.

Whether or not Roxy's emotional intelligence and personality are a direct result of her programming, or a surprise side-effect of her creation, is currently unknown.


  • Android Body: Roxy has uploaded her consciousness into the body of the brain-dead daughter of Arthur Pemberton. She apparently possesses all her cybernetic enhancements. After such body was destroyed she uploaded her back up into a robotic body based on Matthew Tyler.
    • Force Field: Roxy's body can generate a defensive force field, while it's limits are unknown she could kiss Nathaniel Heywood without getting hurt.
    • Superhuman Durability: Her new robotic body was completely unharmed when caught in the epicenter of a 500 miles radius explosion.
    • Immortality: Roxy was shown to be alive and still in her physical prime in the 853rd century.
    • Enhanced Intellect: Being an A.I. Roxy is far smarter than the average human.


  • Music: Roxy is a skilled violin player.



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