Roy Bivolo was a metahuman with the power to bring out fierce anger in people. Roy first made himself known by robbing a bank in Central City, using his powers to bring out the anger of everyone in the bank to cause a distraction. Roy was tracked down to a storage facility by the Central City Police Department, but he used his power to turn a SWAT officer against Detective Joe West and two other officers. The timely intervention of the Flash and the Arrow saved their lives.

The Flash eventually tracked Roy to a safehouse, but Roy was able to use his powers on Flash, causing him to become fiercely angry at everybody he knows. Roy was later captured by the combined forces of the Flash and the Arrow.


  • Pathokinesis: Using the color of his eyes, Roy is able to bring out strong anger in any person.
  • Roy Bivolo was given the name Prism by Cisco Ramon. However, Caitlin Snow preferred the name Rainbow Raider, [1] a name that Bivolo himself liked better Prism. [2]
  • Roy Bivolo was played by Paul Anthony.
  • It is unknown if he can evoke other emotions out of people.



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