Quote1 I don't know if you remember... I'm Chroma... I'm guessing we're here for the same reason as you... Quote2
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Roy G. Bivolo, aliases Chroma and Rainbow Raider, was one of Flash's villains in Central City

New 52

Bivolo (using the alias Chroma) was seen first with his partner Tar Pit assaulting jewelry stores in Keystone City.[1]

Chroma was present when Central City had been taken over by Gorilla Grodd and his army of apes. When Tar Pit, Girder and Chroma appealed to Grodd for a share of control of the city, Chroma was brutally murdered and had his head mounted on a pike.[2]

DC Rebirth

Due to universal meddling by Doctor Manhattan, the timeline was flexible and changes to history rippled across the world. Among the inexplicable changes was that Bivolo was revived, now going by the alias Rainbow Raider.

Rainbow Raider was first seen attacking the airport of Central City[3], then strolling in Zandia,[4] and later robbing jewelry stores with Tar Pit until they were both stopped by Flash.[citation needed]




  • Prisma Goggles
  • The first seven letters of Roy's full name comprise a pun corresponding to the seven colours within the visible spectrum of light; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.



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