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Roy Harper is a superhero who has gone by the names Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow and even Black Lantern. He is a highly trained weapons expert and martial artist, specializing in archery. Roy grew up on a Navajo reservation where he learned to shoot, after his father died in an accident. Originally he was the sidekick of Green Arrow, but quit over personal issues, and had a long struggle against a heroin addiction. Later on he would become a government agent for many years, although as an adult he would return to being a superhero. His brief relationship with the super-villain Cheshire made him the father of a young girl named Lian Harper. He has been a member of Team Arrow, the Teen Titans, Checkmate, the Suicide Squad, the Outsiders and the Justice League of America.

Roy Harper was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, first appearing in More Fun Comics #73 (1941).


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