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Roy Harper was a sidekick to the Arrow. Due to a Mirakuru injection, he gained a number of powers followed by the training from Oliver Queen. After losing his powers, he became a living Arsenal.

The boyfriend of Oliver Queen's sister Thea, Roy Harper was abducted by Brother Blood's minions after investigating too deep into Blood's criminal plans. Harper was experimented on by Blood who aimed to perfect the experimental drug Mirakuru for Slade Wilson. Harper was eventually rescued by the Arrow and discovered that he had gained superhuman strength and stamina from the Mirakuru. Unable to control his new powers and rage that came as a side effect, Harper went to the vigilante for guidance.

With the Arrow, Harper learned acrobatics and fighting skills, as well as experience with a bow. However, because of the Mirakuru, Harper was still unstable.

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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Other Characteristics

  • Missing Limb: Roy had his arm amputated during a mission in Lian Yu. [13]
  • Trypanophobia: Roy is afraid of needles.[14]
  • Mirakuru Side Effects: (Formerly) The Mirakuru drug has at least two known side effects which is heightened aggression meaning Roy has a much more difficult time keeping his anger under control and schizophrenia meaning Roy sees and hears things that aren't really there.



  • Motorcycle




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