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Roy Harper was the original Speedy, kidnapped and replaced by a clone. After he was recovered, he became Arsenal and joined the Team.

Speedy was Green Arrow's apprentice before being abducted by Luthor's men and cloned by the Light to create Red Arrow and Guardian (James Harper) at the cost of his right arm.

Speedy remained on ice until he was rescued by his clone and Cheshire. He later changed his name into Arsenal and joined the Team. However, due to his reckless nature and inability to follow orders where he often went off mission to handle his own objectives, Arsenal was dismissed from the team by Nightwing. After leaving with the superpowered teenage runaways and then discovering and convincing them that Lex Luthor, the man who brought them together was a bad man, all of them decided to work as their own personal team, with no affiliations to any other.




  • Missing Right Arm[1]
  • PTSD: After spending nine years in captivity Roy received a form of PTSD. He couldn't be captured alive at all costs, even when he risk lives of others in order of doing so.[2]

  • Roy's missing arm is a clear reference to Roy Harper of the main DC Universe losing his arm in a battle with Prometheus.


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