Quote1 After the fall of Superman, Green Arrow visited the Star City of this parallel Earth. His counterpart was one of the first heroes to fall in the battle against Superman. One of the first to object the Man of Steel's new tactics and reasoning. A memorial erected in Star City's Orchid Bay served as a reminder of the need to fight oppression regardless of the odds. There, Green Arrow found one citizen wasn't content to memorialize Oliver Queen in stone. With Green Arrow's training, a new archer, dressed in crimson, took up the fallen hero's mantle. Let Star City's criminal beware. The night belongs to Red Arrow. Quote2
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In the event that Green Arrow was the one to defeat Superman, the alternate-earth hero would visit Star City of the parallel Earth and find Roy Harper who, wanting to memorialize their Green Arrow by taking his place, would be trained by the other Earth's Green Arrow himself.


  • Archery: Red Arrow was taught by the alternate dimension Green Arrow to protect Star City after their Green Arrow perished in the fight against Superman.




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